Sterile Medical Boxes WERFAU

Werfau Clean Medical Box is a module of the Ultra Clean Room, where we create comfortable and ergonomic work environment for surgical procedures and patient’s recovery through the most innovative and advanced technologies.

The concept of Ultra Clean Room dates back to 1970-80s and it has been continuously modernized.

A complex approach in realization of the concept is very important. It involves many interrelated engineering processes, sophisticated medical and engineering equipment, specific features of the medical staff work, and particular requirements to the hospital interior fit-out.

The concept of the Ultra Clean Room means not only sterile surfaces but sterile air as well. A laminar air distributor creates a unidirectional sterile airflow, cutting other convective streams. The use of absolutely sterile laminar airflow in the surgery zone allows reducing postoperative complications and the patient recovery period.

The detailed information about equipment and materials used for creation of clean medical boxes is presented in the following sections:
Equipment for Sterile Air Distribution
Automation and Process Control
Special Ceiling with Integrated Lighting
Special Wall Panels
Special Flooring Material

To have a clear idea of the Ultra Clean Room creation procedure please see our 3D-presentation.

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